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Don't Let The Perpetrators Of The Tiananmen Square Massacre Buy Any More Of Australia 1/7/2011

The Chinese Communist Regime must not be allowed to buy any more of Australia.

It seems strange that on Anzac Day we remember the thousands of Australians who sacrificed their lives to protect our country against foreign invaders, while the Labor Government now wants to give it away without a shot being fired.

There are no private enterprises in China - all commercial concerns are owned and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Regime is a totalitarian one party dictatorship that has never been elected by the Chinese people, believes in the complete subjection of the individual to the State, has committed genocide against its own people and the people of Tibet, kills political prisoners to cut their organs out to sell for transplants, distorts markets by exporting cheap goods made by slave labour, has an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and backed the murderous regime of Pol Pot.

If the business people in Australia who are falling over themselves to sell our country to the Chinese Communist Party were in Germany on the 1940s they would have been selling Hitler the gas for the gas chambers.

It seems strange we send troops to die in Iraq and Afghanistan for "truth justice and the American way" while we grovel to Communist China, bearing in mind Iraq under Sadaam Hussein was a paradise of sanity compared to China during the excesses of the Cultural Revolution.

The Federal Labor Government likes China so much because its style of one party socialist-corporate state is the model it has in mind for Australia. Big business likes China because it has no free trade unions to complain about wages and conditions and no free media to expose corruption.

However, they are backing the wrong horse, because millions of Chinese have voluntarily resigned from the Chinese Communist Party in recent years. The CCP is now a crumbling edifice - someone only has to kick in the front door and the whole rotten structure will come tumbling down.

Don't deal with the devil and keep 100 per cent of our resources in Australian hands for the benefit of future generations.

Statement issued July 1 2011 on behalf of China Information Website by Bob Vinnicombe
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