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A Message to Julia Gillard:
The Chinese Communists Are Our Enemy 29/4/2011

Shame on Julia Gillard for saying she will allow Chinese warships to use our ports, amd shame on her for reviewing a guard of honour of the so-called Peoples Liberation Army

The Peoples Liberation Army is the brutal military arm of the most brutal dictatorship in history. Reviewing a guard of honour of the PLA is like reviewing a guard of honour of Hitler's SS. Since the coming to power by military means of the Chinese Communist Party in 1949 45 millions of Chinese people have been killed, including the millions who starved to death in the cultural revolution, notwithstanding that in a condolence motion for Mao in our Federal Parliament on 14th September 1976 Malcolm Fraser said Mao had "secured the basic necessities of life for the Chinese people". In today's China political prisoners are killed so their organs can be sold for transplant. Christians who defy state control of their church are arrested without trial and jailed. The Chinese Communists were the main backers of the Khmer Rouge regime that killed 3 million Cambodians. The PLA invaded Tibet, committed genocide against the Tibetan people and are in the process of destroying their identity, religion and culture - probably what they have got in store for us.

One wonders also what is the attitude of arch-feminist Julia Gillard to the fact that women in China who defy the one-child policy are dragged off for forced abortions and compulsory sterilization.

Is Julia Gillard also not aware that Chinese Government hackers are constantly breaking into our computer networks to steal commercial and state secrets, and that China is buying up farms and mines in Australia and the rest of the world to guarantee control of these resources for themselves for the future?

Coming after Anzac Day when we remember the 100s of Australians who died fighting communism in Vietnam and Korea Julia Gillard's action almost amounts to defaming the dead.

It is therefore up to Tony Abbott to live up to the memory of his great mentor and champion of freedom B A Santamaria and declare that when he becomes Prime Minister Julia's policy of grovelling to China and of allowing their warships to visit here will be reversed.