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Quit the CCP Rally Belmore Park Sydney August 7, 2011
Speech by Bob Vinnicombe

Today we should support the brave Chinese people who have endangered their careers and their liberty to quit the CCP .

The CCP is an organization built on the doctrine of Marxism - Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism that is a flawed ideology that has led to death and destruction wherever it has been practised.

The people who have come to Australia as refugees from Vietnam, China, Tibet, Ukraine, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and all the other countries the communists conquered know this.

Communism is a doctrine so inhuman that it makes Communist governments build walls around their countries to stop people escaping. It is the doctrine that made the Vietnamese refugees after the Communists took over their country travel 3000 miles in leaky boats, braving pirates and treacherous seas, to seek asylum in Australia. It is the doctrine that makes Tibetans walk 200 miles over the Himalayas to escape. >

But today we must not only support the Chinese people who have quit the CCP we must urge all Western nations to quit their co-operation with the CCP.

We are standing here today in the heart of the city of Sydney, protesting against the CCP, but China Southern Airlines, a Chinese Communist Airline, is going to be a sponsor of the upcoming Sydney Festival. Chinese Communist navy vessels are to be allowed by our Government to visit Sydney Harbour.

Every commercial organization operating out of China is an arm of the CCP. Every time an Australian farm or a piece of real estate is bought by a Chinese company, the CCP is acquiring a piece of Australia.

When the Olympic Torch was carried through Australia for the Beijing Olympics the CCP recruited its own local militia to protect it against demonstrators.

The aim of the CCP is to slowly make Australia a satellite state of China as the countries of Eastern Europe were satellites of the Soviet Union.

Because of Australia's economic dependence on China have you noticed how Australian political figures are reluctant to criticise the Beijing regime and instead put trade sanctions on insignificant countries like Fiji, Zimbabwe and Iran that are no threat to Australia. They send Australian soldiers to die in pointless wars against the Sadaam Hussein regime and the taliban when the CCP are a 100 times worse and unlike Sadaam Hussein Communist China possesses real weapons of mass destruction. This shows our rulers are prepared to sacrifice the lives of their sons, or preferably someone else's sons, in support of convenient causes of the moment like the mythical war on terror, but but they'll never sacrifice money. They condemn the violence of regimes in Libya and Syria against their dissidents, but remain silent when dissidents in China, Tibet and East Turkestan are jailed and executed. The CCP through front organizations is actually donating money to the Liberal and Labor parties to buy their silence.

When Mao Tse Tung died, on September 14th, 1976, Australian politicians from the Labor, Liberal and National parties got up in parliament and in a condolence motion moved by Malcolm Fraser said nice things about Mao and the so-called achievements of Chinese Communism. Seeing 500 Australians lost their lives in the Vietnam war to fight communism, not to mention those that died in the Korean war, this almost amounts to defaming the dead.

So today, let's express our support for those who quit the CCP and let's also call on the whole world to recognise the CCP for what it is, a criminal organization, and work towards the day when the Chinese Communist Party will be overthrown and the Chinese Communist Party is tossed into the dustbin of history.